Au Revoir Simone – “Tumbling through another summer”

The more you listen to the songs on “Still Night, Still Light,” though, there’s a feeling that they mean these moments in the long run, as if that’s when all will be settled and just, when one can just take in a contented sip and see before you that everything’s flush with golden beauty. In a wonderful way, “Take Me As I Am,” is a tale of helplessness, a suggestion that we should just roll with the punches and find love or companionship in another if the initial reaction is to do so. It’s a suggestion that over-thinking anything will only makes it harder for any difficulties that will arise are beyond control. They sing, “Do you know when you were born, you were already you and I already me/So take me as I am/I know it’s easier said than done.” They think in simplicity, through the lens of mind-breaking abstraction, giving ungodly weight to words that mean everything and nothing, all at once, but in this way, turning them into thoughts that have meaning. Their harmonies and the breezy chords of their songs are wound up with phrases such as, “Everywhere is somewhere, baby,” and we nod – we get that. They make us believe in these sweeping ideas as if they’ve suddenly come to us, all at once, in the throes of “tumbling through another summer,” sticky with the heated air and each other.

Read more at and download these gals.

Also: Au Revoir Simone’s Debut Daytrotter Session

~ by castleqwayr on April 6, 2010.

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