Treasure: All of the Forgotten

Treasure – MP3 Rabbit Holes

Treasure – MP3 Rainbow

We assembled your chair from ancient bones and this table cloth is sparkling because it is made of eyes–a million eyes looking through us into something unknown and ethereal as we drink our tea. Your latest dream hovers between us over the table in the shape of a crystal ball. This is our Tea Party. We pass the sugar and look! Your finger has fallen off at the knuckle and is resting in your cup. And my lips were red, but since your finger fell off, my lips are now blue. But let’s just listen. There is a rattle, a scraping, and a chime to start…

Tea Parties is Treasure’s first self-release. Seven songs written and recorded in Joan and Caleb’s Brooklyn apartment about a year and a half ago. And there is a book of short stories written in the night, underwater, between conversations and covers. One short story for each song written by Joan and illustrated by Maude Black, who is the same artist who created the cover art. Only 300 have been made. The covers are letter-pressed, screen-printed, and hand-painted one by one. There are just a handful left for purchase.

You can read excerpts from each song’s short story in the lyrics section.

Totally Free Concert here:

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