GIVERS Vs. Growlers – Full Steam Ahead




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GIVERS – Meantime

GIVERS – Saw You First

Growlers – Badlands

Growlers – Old Cold River

The music of GIVERS is steeped in this kind of attitude, of not getting chapped about little things or whatever cannot be controlled. There is an excitement that all five members have in what they’re doing at the very moment that you encounter them that’s contagious and you start believing that they’re mighty conquerors, capable of nearly anything imaginable or unimaginable. There is positivity to GIVERS hooks – huge positivity – and you hear everything sung in explosive exalt, brightly delivered by five young people who know no other way to be. There is glee, overwhelming glee, in the songs on the bands only release – a short, self-titled EP – and it makes you feel as if time is on your side. It makes you feel as if you are somehow in control of how any of this shit is going to work out, in the end. They sing, “Don’t get stuck in the meantime/There’s no such thing as the meantime/It comes, it goes/It washes away,” on their song “Meantime,” and it seems to define carpe diem along with a brazen confidence that terrible driving conditions won’t throw you and your horse trailer full of musical instruments, not to mention your van full of fragile people, into harm’s way. It will be fine and the same goes for you.

A typical night in the lives of the Growlers is not typical at all. All of the members of the Costa Mesa, Calif., band seem to have a conspicuous streak in them, some primal urge that makes them want to do ill-advised things (which may or may not be law-abiding) whenever they can and this all flows into a music that is heavily informed by the hallucinations that they’ve made into their own twisted realities. They’ll shoot bottle rockets directly at you, just to get a charge. They find time to never not be consuming alcohol or drugs and on this particular night a proud member displays a huge chunk of broken off front tooth mid-song, as if it were a Purple Heart that had just been ceremoniously awarded. We have it on good authority that this particular band ran into problems with the local authorities on almost every night of a recent tour and somehow received slaps on the wrists with every altercation. It seems as if the law of averages would have caught up to them after too long, but this must owe much to their sometimes antagonistic and other times charming charm.

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