Humble Tripe – A Satisfying Stew

My first experience with humble tripe was when my mom would make pasole around Easter time while I was a pup in So. Cal.  It is basically cow gut.  The honey-comb tripe was her favorite.  I guess it digests easier (gulp!). Now, this is not to be confused with “Throbbing Gristle,” an excellent band name by many estimates.  Even though this Mexican/Spanish “delicacy” is hard to stomach for most, it did signal the turning of a season and is highly respected in many households.  The band, Humble Tripe, while containing the stated elements of classical/folk/americana/punk/pop, it is also unique and quite unassuming.  Even though this music is humble, it does leave a satisfying residue on this gourmet’s palate without the bilious after-images of that pre-Columbian staple.

Try it this Easter season and you just may be left with a smile on your face.  It made Gollum very happy!

Listen at:


Grabbing anything they can on the way out the door, Humble Tripe brings the back porch, the front porch, and anything you can find in your attic on stage, emerging as a magical musical tribute to life, love and Southern celebration.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Humble Tripe came to form as the music project of Shawn Luby. Luby, a runaway from the competitive classical guitar world, hit the streets picking up any strung stick he could find, took a shot at songwriting, and finally began to sing. The journey got some juice when Luby joined up with drummer Melissa York, self taught pop-punk drummer extraordinaire (Team Dresch, Butchies, Amy Ray’s Band), and string player supreme, Stud Green. The result was a classical/folk/americana/ punk/pop trifecta meant to entice and lure in the next round of Humble Tripers.

The threesome next coerced ex-Texas first chair trumpeteer/Duke Phd recipient Kadji Amin to master the harmonica and pick up more horns, all the while convincing modern dancer turned bell-whacking-cymbal-crashing thumb harpist Jess Shell to give up a life of country livin’ and take to the road.

Humble Tripe’s debut LP, Counting Star’s, is a loving tribute to the tenderness and challenges of our desire to find companionship, places of solace, and celebration. Led by Luby’s vocal yearnings, the quintet weaves a together both a delicate symphony of string, brass and percussion, and a spirit of resilience through pulsating rhythms and triumphant declarations.

Excellent Concert Photo Shoot Here:

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