The Second Hand Marching Band – Wow!

The Second Hand Marching Band – Dance MP3

Here’s what their own myspace site says:

The Second Hand Marching Band are a group of 16-22 musicians who play mainly in Scotland. They play folk music which a mixture of dance, pop and post-rock influence. The SHMB started performing in December 2007 and have in the last year been up and down Scotland playing venues, tea houses, parks, festivals and fields. They have an EP coming out on Chaffinch Records called “A dance to half death”.

And here’s one review of the CD from this very respectable indie/alt outlet:

Probably the easiest thing I’ve ever had to review. They are a Scottish folk collective. They come from Fife and they sound like a twee Scottish version of Beirut. Lots of parping horns, wheezing accordians and choraled vocals. It all has a very uplifting feel and I could imagine sloshing pints of beer around to this, singing along and making a fool of myself. I love the name of the record label – Chaffinch Records. How delightful. In this day and age of misery, stabbings and poverty its nice to hear something that reminds me of the beautiful Scottish countryside and a much more innocent time. I’ll give you more comparisons if you want? Vashti Bunyan, the Fence Collective,,Lucky Luke, Beirut (again) the music from the Wickerman or a happy Matt Elliott. Apparently we are the only shop in England selling this!

This from:

Or were selling it….cos there were only 150 copies of the CD manufactured, and now that they’ve all been sold, the band and the label are making all the tracks available for download, absolutely free of charge.

And its real easy to do. Just click here and see for yourself.

~ by castleqwayr on March 24, 2010.

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