Richard Buckner – “Honey, are you ready for the fade?”

Richard Buckner – (daytrotter) Put On What You Wanna

Richard Buckner – (daytrotter) Town

Richard Buckner is an American singer songwriter born in California, resident in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a number of years, and currently living in Brooklyn, NY. A critically-acclaimed artist most often associated with the Alternative Country movement, Buckner has in recent albums eschewed his initial acoustic approach and displayed an increasing interest in more abstract music styles.

Buckner began his career with the acoustic “Bloomed” (1994), a lyrically dense suite of songs recorded in Lubbock, Texas and heavily influenced by that state’s tradition of whisky-soaked poet/troubadors, probably best embodied by Townes Van Zandt. In 1996, he released the major label “Devotion & Doubt,” with members of Giant Sand backing him, displaying a more adventurous, almost avante garde approach to songwriting and arranging.

Since then, he has returned to recording for smaller labels, to continued critical acclaim and cult status. His 2000 album The Hill – his first for Chicago-based indie label Overcoat Recordings – features poems from Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology (1915), which Buckner set to music. The album plays as a single track, nearly thirty-five minutes long. He returned in 2002, first with the “teaser” EP Impasse-ette, then a full-length entitled Impasse one month later.

Here are some songs to download from past albums from

A Chance Counsel 

from Dents and Shells  DOWNLOAD

Gauzy Dress in the Sun

from Bloomed  DOWNLOAD 

Emily Sparks

from The Hill  DOWNLOAD 

Born into Giving It Up

from Impasse  DOWNLOAD 

Free Daytrotter Concert

You can imagine Buckner staggering slowly across a field or a lawn on a seasonably cold morning – his feet catching some of the grass’s cold, wet dew – with his head bowed and his hands shoved deep into his front pockets, deep in thought. And this has gone on for decades, still entrenched in the broken chances of his life and the absent second glances into the past that make everything feel as if it were laced with a vacant stare and the sorrow of a widower. There are many images of those who are waiting, those who are growing older and those who are sleeping alone and it’s not at all what they want as they’re pining for someone they used to share the night with long ago. The aches that Buckner sings about are those that are so clean and so genuinely affecting that they never feel rushed, but paced into a hypnotic stroll that gets spun into cobwebs. It’s as if he’s patiently waiting for the fires to die on their own, without any prodding or any splashing water. It’s the natural exhaustion of energy to a state that’s just lying still in its own aftermath. The cues have been killed and the times have been lost to a troubled dizziness of unwanted abandonment. He sings, “Honey, are you ready for the fade?/Wait just a little while,” and the wait continues and continues until we’re all just sick with mournful anxiety and feel all the bees, just as Buckner does. It’s his lullaby and ours.

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