Bonnie Prince Billy – 2 Fine Concerts Here

It’s been a full year since Will Oldham was in Rock Island for this encore taping. It was St. Patrick’s Day circa 2009. There was a parade happening nearby, with all kinds of non-Irish folk wearing green hats covered with sparkly glitter and shamrocks. It was relatively warm, under a sunny sky and we had burritos and specially ordered coffees and teas waiting for the Bonnie Prince Billy and his band. Oldham had been here about three years prior to this visit and to this day, we are still eternally grateful for his generosity and the kind words he’s spoken to others about what Daytrotter is. He was here and gave us a shot when we were nothing and we couldn’t be more honored than to have had this modern master as a repeat offender. His is a majestic version of folk music, all his own, and his enigmatic prowess is unsurpassed. On this early afternoon, after a short drive over from Chicago on an off day that was later to be spent at the Cineplex and the hotel/riverboat casino on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River, Oldham was dressed, head-to-toe in different variations of emerald green. There were the painter’s trousers, the shirt, the socks and the green Crocs finishing the ensemble. And yet, it didn’t seem all that odd or as an out of place idea to dress such a way for a man who doesn’t give two shits what you think about him or anything he does. He seems as if he could care less, but maybe that’s an overstatement. It’s something that will never be known as it will never be addressed. But Oldham’s made it a point to make his prolific works, his minor acting roles and his charismatic and sad-sacked songs of quivering, back-breaking love stories the most important consideration for anyone. 

03-15-2010 Concert

Bonus Concert 12-03-2006 Concert

~ by castleqwayr on March 15, 2010.

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