Ian McCulloch – Free Echo Session

The surreal experience continued as McCulloch was set adrift on memory bliss, likening our humble studio to one of his old favorites in his hometown of Liverpool, in which his band had taped during its earlier years. He seemed certifiably elated to be here and even vowed to one day bring the entire band here for a show and another session, sooner rather than later. He came without any gear, just dressed in what appeared to be a fresh, new pair of designer jeans, some fancy shades that never left his eyes uncovered and a slight bone to pick with their talkative limo driver who seemed to be unfamiliar with simple street directions. He and Byrne both picked up acoustic guitars (and we’re not entirely sure how often it happens that Byrne plays along with McCulloch) and ripped through these four songs – three from “The Fountain” and the classic “The Killing Moon” – in short order, here in the city for no longer than an hour, even with some frustrations encountered in multiple false starts to “Shroud of Turin.” The session is an effortless and entrancing piece of art from a man who should really be over it, who should not give a rat’s ass who’s listening and who’s finding he and his band relevant any longer – over 30 years since its inception.

Read the whole story and download here:


Echo & The Bunnymen – Do It Clean (Live Early 80s)

~ by castleqwayr on March 12, 2010.

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