The Sour Notes – Sweet Surprise

Smart sound and savvy lyrics with rocking power in over-drive, warm this listener’s desire to get in my 63′ V8 Chevy Belair and pin it down to Dallas with my 1000 watt after-market stereo, of course!

The Sour Notes – Do-ers & Say-ers

The Sour Notes formed initially as the moniker for singer/songwriter Jared Boulanger’s solo recording project while living in Houston, Texas. Upon finishing what would later be his debut album The Meat of the Fruit in 2008, Boulanger then asked long-time friend and multi-instrumentalist Chris Page to join him in creating a performing band in Austin. There, they met drummer Travis Hackett and bassist Brandi Dipietro through mutual friends and recorded their first collaborative effort, second album Received in Bitterness.

After a brief East Coast tour in support of the album in early 2009, the band recorded 7-inch single, Never Mix, Never Worry which displayed a new direction for The Sour Notes’ characteristically evolving sound. Later that year, bassist Brandi Dipietro left the band during the recording of their third album It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty and multi-instrumentalist/solo artist Elaine Greer joined the band. In January 2010, The Sour Notes released It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty to much critical acclaim, followed by another two-week tour up the East Coast and back. The band are currently working on their 5th effort, Write What You Know, expected to be released later this year.

~ by castleqwayr on February 25, 2010.

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