Dress Rehearsal – Ready and Waiting

Dress Rehearsal – Platypus

Kevin Graham began writing his own songs in the Fall of 2004. Sean was quick to provide percussion to these songs and within months, this new band, originally titled “Tiger Zebra”, was off and running. After spending time in Eastern Canada, Banff, and South America, Sean and Kevin were back in St. Marys in 2008 with a new band name, Dress Rehearsal, and a stronger drive to write worthwhile music. That summer, Kevin approached Tiffany Blom, also from St. Marys, to sing back-up vocals on four songs. Within days, the two began playing open mics and small shows together in their home town. In the early Spring of 2009, the band began recording it’s first LP at The Pawnshop in Toronto with producer Mike “Dullboy” Langford. An extra song was written and recorded during this three month process and on July 9, 2009, their debut album, “Greens & Honey” was released. Mastered by Peter Letros of Wreckhouse Mastering (Toronto, ON), and patiently mixed by Dullboy, the album is sure to please. The songs, which are acoustic at their core, draw a sonic and atmospheric feel with their swirling guitars, layered vocal harmonies and versatile drumming. During the hectic months leading up to the release, the band was able to add two new members in order to add substance to their live shows. A University friend and proud Londoner, Paul Vergeer took over bass duties while another member of the St. Marys community, Ryan Watson, took the reins playing lead guitar.


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