Balmorhea – Carried Higher . . .

Balmorhea – Night Squall

These are drifting and fluid movements of air and sensation, floating like sighs and curling around us like vines. And they seem to – in their recruitment of these spirits, real or imagined – these songs found on last year’s “All Is Wild, All Is Silent,” and the group’s latest, “Constellations,” are able to fill us with big gusts of swelling and swallowing, of heaving and rolling. Balmorhea is expert as manipulating these trickles of fills, these small additions and these measured steps that – when considered all as one in one piece of music – are powerful and of a real reaction that could just be what brings about these mysterious outbursts of non-language that are found rather frequently on these albums. They are hums and they are tender exclamations that could just be spontaneous particles – unknown and unplanned. They are the effects of getting sucked into these sweeping and beautiful arrangements and not knowing what you’re going to do, or what might leave your throat as something that wants to be a part of the music. So they all just let loose – these ghosts, these spirits, these players – and their responses are suddenly decorative and charmingly appropriate. Read more and download mini-concert @

~ by castleqwayr on February 24, 2010.

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