Jeremy Messersmith – Where to Find Love

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Jeremy Messersmith – Miracles (Silver City/Daytrotter Sesssion)

Jeremy Messersmith – Scientists (Alcatraz/Daytrotter Sesssion)

Jeremy Messersmith – Easy Lovers, Hardly Friends (Alcatraz Kid)

“The lyrics of his songs also suggest that he’s a little on the glum side of things, although those dark lyrics all come supported by a musical spoonful of sugar: beautiful, catchy melodies.”
-KCMP 89.3 The Current

It’s hard to listen to The Silver City, the new CD from Minnesota chamber-pop artist Jeremy Messersmith, without thinking of Sufjan Stevens. Both artists have strikingly similar voices and a love of richly orchestrated story songs.”
-NPR Second Stage

“Imagine Elliott Smith driving in a convertible, the wind flying through his hair, singing about sadness and somehow creating joy enough to forget his troubles for a while.”
-The Onion

“The Silver City(Minneapolis) has maintained a reservoir of talent ever since The Replacements, and this often stunning pop gem offers further proof of its endurance as a muse and a creative center. This love song to the city recasts it as a kind of mystical wonderland, certain actual landmarks like mythic spots that inspire and bring safety and joy.”
-Not Lame

“Jeremy Messersmith has that certain je ne sais quoi. His sad lyrics/happy melody coupling isn’t brand-new, but it’s done in a way that conjures images of a still-upright Elliott Smith performing songs intended for Brian Wilson or A.C. Newman,not a bad spot to be in, all told.”
-City Pages (Village Voice)

“Remember the way you felt the first time you heard the amazing harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel? That subdued,magical sound lives once more on Jeremy Messersmith’s The Alcatraz Kid, but this time with a 21st-century twist. Messersmith lulls with his gentle voice and overdubbed harmonies, easing the shock of his sometimes-harsh lyrics. Quirky? Certainly.
Will you like it? No doubt.”
-Performing Songwriter

“With simple chord progressions and beautifully crafted melodies, his music feels reminiscent of ’60s-style, Beach Boys-influenced pop.”
-NPR World Cafe

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