Kartick & Gotam, Business Class Refugees

From the Sinai, to the Laptop:
Global Nomads Kartick & Gotam Call Music from Sand and Water

Electronica – Israeli – Bedouin – India – Southeast Asia – Tsunami – Hebrew Rap – Apple Computer – Desert Nomads

A few of the descriptors to explain this duo of world music innovation.  Simple phrases or careful parsing of the songs and musical stylings will not do them justice.  Please simply give these examples a listen and get ready to shake your djibouti:

Open Door Open


Supreme Chaos

The world is a swirling arrangement of sand and water, elements that sing and crash. From the deserts of the Sinai to the drowned islands of Indonesia, these fluid forces of life and destruction guide the emergence of a new post-cataclysm harmony of people and music, serenity from out of the deluge. Kartick and Gotam pull the threads of this microcosm and weave them into a new tapestry as a gift to the world on their latest creation,Business Class Refugees (U.S. Release: March 9, 2010), from Chennai-based EarthSyncBusiness Class Refugees features not only their groovy downtempo style, reminiscent of Zero Seven, but also a host of South Asian artists who take center stage and lead the listener on a journey of experiential discovery. K&G—as they’re called for short—and their elaborate live video display have been selected for a showcase at SXSW 2010. Their January 2010 U.S. debuts in NYC’s Drom and The Shrine music clubs—during the APAP (Arts Presenters) conference—were packed and very well received.

Here, in the garden of Kartick and Gotam, traditional musicians are not showpieces – they plant their seeds and arrange the flowers. Then there enters the Dao that courses through Kartick and Gotam’s musical feng shui, their careful arrangement of lines and textures to guide the emergent sound. These electronica shamans have learned control of the forces ofnature, to direct the desert to sing. Kartick and Gotam use their powers to make music a gift from the world to the world, to recover life from out of the tsunami.

Kartick & Gotam MySpace >> go there
EarthSync Label >> go there
Business Class Refugees YouTube >> go there

~ by castleqwayr on February 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Kartick & Gotam, Business Class Refugees”

  1. Hey! Thanks for posting this! Much appreciated.

  2. They are on concert sunday 29th of April at PETIT BAIN (France) from 8pm to 11pm.

    More infos here : http://www.petitbain.org/KARTICK-GOTAM-ALEX-SORRES?date=2012-04-29#


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