Frontier Ruckus – An Undiscovered Country

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Frontier Ruckus – Spring Terror Nerves of the Night Mind

ST: I suppose the most overarching theme of this one, as with most of these, is the wildness and sort of dangerous quality of young sexuality. Youth, memory, the thawing without and then the bathing within some specific lake, the various stages of young skin, like the lake-water, throughout age and season and excitement.
Also making a cameo in this song is a peculiar dentist who occupies several billboards along I-96 with an extremely domineering grin on a purple background and a halo that lights up the night.

NOTNM: This song commences in the gapless recording with the first mention of stirring vegetation. It is, most vaguely and generally, about the ecstatic memorization of everything pertaining to a new body that has been thrust into your proximity reeking with the sweetest smells of salvation and infatuation. Inordinately long eyelashes and the dampness of sweat to mark the very beginning of that rare window of intense and confused desire. All this in the fading context of past regret and nervousness which seems to diminish rapidly with every sensation in the new world you’ve entered.

There are tons of free songs for download at and a free concert at

Frontier Ruckus Official Site
Quite Scientific Records

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