The Runaway Catholics – Returning Home!

Runaway Catholics – Crazy Sorrows


Ghosts in Memories

Melody of June

Toronto based collective. Born out of the imagination of singer/songwriter Brodie Dakin. Initially as a solo project, he wrote and performed original songs on acoustic guitar around the city. Over time, the songs yearned for fuller instrumentation and he decided it was time to form a band. Now with the help of some sympathetic souls his imagination has an identity w/ each member of the band bringing in their own unique musical personalities. The sound has a touch of of ’66 Dylan, the charm of Belle & Sebastian, the sunny pop of The Kinks, Gram & Emmylou’s heart melting duets, the county/rock stomp of early Wilco, the mournful melodies of Neil Young and the psychedelic heartbeat of the 13th Floor Elevators. We’ve recorded one E.P so far and will be recording another one in the New Year. We’ll also be playing more shows in the New Year.

“The Runaway Catholics introduce themselves with sunny soft folk-rock. As they delightfully combine slower and faster tracks between five songs, it’s easy to see that each stands out for their own merits. Ghosts in Memories illuminates the sweet melodic vocal partnership of Shawna Sormin and Brodie Dakin to a pop-based tune that would definitely wake you up in the morning.

Melody of June and France flow beautifully into one another with simple, nostalgic beats and chord progressions, quietly highlighted by the piano or xylophone, respectively. Crazy Sorrows has the collective at its strongest, while both impressive electric and acoustic guitars work together in a way that should take them back to Woodstock or at least blasting the speakers out at a backyard party. The live recording of “Charmed Life” has them in a dream-like jam session state, with just enough to leave the listener hanging, wishing there was more, or at least that they were at the show clapping along.”

~ Jessica Lewis (RoundLetters). E.P review.

~ by castleqwayr on February 10, 2010.

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