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After a few weeks at home writing new material, I’m excited to be back on the road and even more excited about Messenger coming out on 2/16.  For any of you coming out to shows, we’ll be selling it there a few days early, beginning on the 11th.  For this tour I’ll be joined by Andrew Harrison, who is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist and owner of one of the most robust beards you’ve ever seen.  The tour is set through mid-March, and we’ll be adding dates for late March and April soon.  The latest dates are listed below.  You’ll also find a free song from the new album called “The Sharpest Crown” to give you a taste of what you can expect.

I’m going to keep this note brief, as I have a few things to do before we have to leave the Econo-Lodge and it’s coveted wireless internet signal, but as always, thanks for your help and your support.  Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road. 


 Free Music

Check out the song “The Sharpest Crown” from the new album by downloading a free copy here:

Soundcheck Sessions

We finally made the dubious purchase of a video camera, so we’ll be posting some updates from the tour on my You Tube Channel.   The first installment is something called “Soundcheck Sessions”.  On tour your nightly sound check ends up functioning as your rehearsal, so it’s your time to try out new ideas, new songs, etc.  It’s also your time to screw up mightily.  We’re going to post a few nuggets from time to time, for good or for ill.  The first installment is a version of “Nobody’s Man” from Des Moines, IA last night.  My full band made the trip to Chicago, and it’s always a nice treat to play with them, so we dialed in the “loud” treatment of the song.  You can check it out here.

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