Frank Hoier and The Weber Brothers

Honey Drippers riding the back roads of Oklahoma to their next gig in an unknown Pan-handle town, in their Bondo scarred Dodge van.  These hip cats have the moves and seem more than willing to pay their dues bringing smiles to the local guys and gals and moving on to their next haunt.

From  This is good and this is true. He brings a strong knack for the romantic ideals of old-fashioned leading men, good men, who want to bring home the bacon to a house filled from floor to ceiling with his loving family, rushing at him like an avalanche, just to jump into his arms when he comes in through the door at quitting time. It’s an outdated concept in many ways, but damn if that wasn’t the American standard not even 50 years ago – you found that good man or that good woman and kept him or her. You raised a family and you lived for those people through all the thicks and the thins. Hoier writes songs that speak to that settling down nature of human beings, to still feeling a passion for your partner all those many years later. If you’re in love, you’re in love and there’s no fighting it. It’s a yearning and a pact with another that comes through on the songs featured here, with the Weber Brothers as his backing band, and on his latest full-length, “Lovers and Dollars.”

Download all at  

Frank Hoier Official Site
Weber Brothers Official Site

~ by castleqwayr on February 2, 2010.

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