Drakkar Sauna – Love That Gives Unconditionally

From Daytrotter.com

Here’s what happens when Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz of Drakkar Sauna start playing their very idiosyncratic and complicated songs: You think of yourself differently. You find that there are a great many more bizarre characteristics to you than you were aware of before. There is a sick amount of stuff that has you feeling anxious. Drakkar Sauna songs aren’t about you, but most songs aren’t so that’s nothing new, but they are about your hidden feelings and metered fears of aging or the place where that aging is going to take place. There’s a scene in the relatively amusing movie “The Invention of Lying,” where Ricky Gervais’s character – a man who invents lying and almost more importantly the stories of the Bible – walks into a nursing home to visit his senile and depressed mother and encounters a trio of fellow residents. One mutters to him that he looks like that man’s dead son, another comments that she’s on pills that make everything look orange and the final woman says that every day is worse than the one before it. He later finds a way to make them all smile – with lies, naturally – but their uncomfortable concerns and states of mind seem to be established in something other than craziness and it’s a condition that Drakkar Sauna can likely appreciate. The Western and bluegrassy-sounding songs that this eclectic duo has been making in their homes in Lawrence, Kansas, for a few years now are steeped in a kind of uncertainty as to the judgments that might or might not be handed down at the Pearly Gates someday.



~ by castleqwayr on February 2, 2010.

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