the NiNjA StARS – The Spirograph Heroes EP

the NiNjA StARS – Everyone Goes

the NiNjA StARS – Spiograph Heroes

Denmark may have the highest taxes on the planet, but they are happy folk.  The vox reminds me of Conor of Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk fame.  Enjoy!  (the youtube vid and doggy pix has not been approved by the NiNjA StARS)  

Hi! We are the NiNjA StARS, a Danish duo. We have just finished our debut EP. It is called The Spirograph Heroes. U can listen to it (and download it for free at bandbase!) in its entirity on Myspace. We have been exploring the delights of cheap keyboards, distorted percussion + vox, no reverb & no compressors this time. We haven’t got a clue where we’re going the next time. We arranged, recorded and produced everything in 2 days, putting much effort into catching the restless energy of being spontaneous.

MySpace Link:
Bandbase Link: (free EP download!)

~ by castleqwayr on January 30, 2010.

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