Stornoway – Oxford Dons

The band consists of an Ornithologist, an occasional Russian translator, a South African Pirate Captain, and a human radio. They were first united in a snow-encrusted garage in Oxford early in 2006 and have since attracted the attention of Dr & Mrs Killjoy the neighbours and their android children, two of which (Adam Briggs and Rahul Satija) now regularly join them on stage. None of the band have ever been to Stornoway. But Brian once got to within 37 miles of it.

Free track at their MySpace page

Stornoway – Zorbing

Oxford’s unsigned indie-folk faves Stornoway are making their Later… debut after enchanting all who saw them on BBC’s Glastonbury coverage.

Recorded live on Wednesday 4th November 2009. Broadcast Friday 6th November 2009 on BBC 2.

“Zorbing”, the debut single from Oxford band, Stornoway is released on 8th June 2009 and available to buy on iTunes.…


Filmed by Hilary O’Hare.

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