Excellent Jim James Concert

June 19, 2008 – One of the most remarkable (and certainly the most memorable) shows I’ve seen this year was by My Morning Jacket singer Jim James, who gave a stunning, solo acoustic performance at St. Davids Episcopal Church in Austin, TX. This was part of 2008’s SXSW music festival.

St. David’s held just a few hundred people at most, so many in the long lines around the block weren’t able to get in to the show. The concert included some guest appearances by other artists like M. Ward, making it one of those moments that someone may one day say, “you were at THAT show?” James played acoustic versions of his band’s better known songs, including some from Evil Urges, a CD that was still months away from release at the time. He was accompanied, at times, by pedal steel and the pipe organ at the church.

Earlier that week All Songs Considered webcast a full concert by My Morning Jacket. We had that show online for a number of months and, at the band’s request, we’ve taken it down. My Morning Jacket wanted to give us something new and fresh.

I was one of the lucky to be at the Jim James show, and it is a real treat that he decided to share it with the NPR audience.

Thanks, Jim.


My Morning Jacket with Kathleen Edwards


SXSW 2008: My Morning Jacket




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