Bill Mallonee – In His Own Words/new song lyrics

There is a new online magazine with solid singer-songwriter interviews, record reviews and music news called: “Down the Line.”

The 5th issue just came out today.                                                       

 (Really happy about it; It was nice to “get the cover!”)

It’s at:

It is superbly edited and written by Steve Ruff, Matt Crosslin and Joshua Lory.

Folks, this is the most extensive and incisive interview I’ve ever done.

The interview is to be found on pages 7 to page 14.

Plenty of good photos and, as they say, “a good read!”


Words and music: bill mallonee


yeah, it’s good to see yer faces

yes, it’s been quite a while

i was covered with blood and disgraces

but you might say that’s my style

i was moving from tween devils and deep blue seas

i was driftin’ from twilight to dawn

i was going from pillar to post ya’ see

when the shot rang loud and long


Hey, did i tell you the bullets’ still there?

Did i tell you the bullets’ still there?

So close to the heart, we’d be friends from the start

Did i tell you the bullet’s still there?

Now, doctors say it causes the visions

I’m told it accounts for the voices

it might correlate with self-hatred

but I don’t think that was one of the choices

Now, I see men all afraid and a-stumblin’

all greedy for profits and war

and they wrap up in their flags & their rhetoric’s rags

They’re all drunk but they call out for more

(Repeat chorus)


Now, I came here to pick up the loose change

of all my deficit days

I came here all those bad checks to claim

of promises I broke on the way

they were written with the best of intentions

they had lots of zeros in tow

They were written I think with invisible ink

but one day I’m told that’ll all turn to gold

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah, it’s good to see your faces

and it’s good that you see mine

just so you can describe to the authorities

what you saw at the scene of the crime

I was driftin’ tween devils and last calls

with this pawn shop guitar of mine

looking for God, or the next best thing

all done up in 6/8 time

all done up in 6/8 time

(Repeat chorus)

yeah, it’s good to see your faces

my, my, it’s been long time

love’s a river that runs..then it races

back to the arms of Love Divine

~ by castleqwayr on December 3, 2009.

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