Mahala Rai Banda, Ghetto Blasters

Horns on SPEED with desperate vocals to match, stirred vigorously until this Romanian/Gypsy buffet parades triumphantly from the serving table, scattering silver and crystal  in its wake.

Nu Mai Beau

The story of Mahala Rai Banda begins at the end of the nineties with Aurel Ionita forming the group Rom Bengale in Bucharest.Their success had hardly begun – when this ensemble of young musicians was plagued and divided by addiction problems. Aurelthen created the initial line-up of the Mahala Rai Banda – a name inspired by the Gypsy suburbs of the big Romanian cities – which released a CD on Crammed Discs in 2004. Now the band is back with its mix of Romanian musical traditions, oriental pop, rumba Catalan, reggae and manele, the Roma pop with ambigious commercial success. Keeping the spirit of an orchestra playing exclusively live, Mahala Rai Banda, with the tremendous “Ghetto Blasters”, has released a disc where the pure pleasure of playing and partying overflows. May your nights belong, very long indeed!
Thierry Sartoretti

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