Jadiid – Music For Winter (Free Download)

Music For Winter Artwork

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Jadiid (pronounced: jah-deed) has never been content staying in one place. The project was started on Martha’s Vineyard in 2006, then moved to Greenville, IL with a short stay in Guatemala in 2007. In its short tenure as a band its members and instruments have seen more than quite a few changes. Most of 2008 found the band in the midwestern city of Chicago, IL, a home and a place to explore what they hear and create. A multicultural/multigenerational band, Jadiid mixes a little folk with a little soul, but also looks to the constant shift and change in their world to make something new Jadiid has released an EP entitled “Movement” and a Chritmas EP called “Music For Winter”. They are on the verge of completing their first full-length album which they have self-produced in a home studio. They share in a musical community in their city with a rich and complex network of artists and musicians.

Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rjytmyjtjjy


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  1. Cool vibe! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is amazing.

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