Papercuts – A Sting of Consciousness

Highly anticipated 2009 album from Jason Quever’s cosmic Dream-Pop project, their third album overall. Quever is a guest member of numerous bands including Vetiver, Beach House, and Skygreen Leopards, and the living room/recording studio wizard behind numerous others (Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Cass McCombs, Donkeys, and more). –

This dreamScape Rock will not disappoint.  It is a soothing sound that if one lacks caution, will suck you into its lyrical backdrop and deposit you convincingly into a truer world. 

Consider these lines:

“we are born to this world out on loan from the beyond when its time to return I won’t be looking in the mirror” and “what you wanted was your life but you’ll get something more”  – Future Primitive

“where you are now will be shadow of the world you will have known”  – The Machine Will Tell Us So

The author is grasping for meaning; a deeper truth in an otherwise deceptive and self-deluded world.  Next stop will be truer, richer and fuller, while we look back at a faded image that spoke of possibilities, but never fulfilled the promises we deeply aspired to.  Come along for the ride, the air is clearer further up.     

Future Primitive

Some downloadables and review at:

~ by castleqwayr on November 12, 2009.

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