Sondre Lerche – Tiny Desk Concert

Tiny Desk Concert – Nov 2, 2009

November 2, 2009 – When the makers of the 2007 romantic comedy Dan in Real Life wanted to convey an air of goodhearted whimsy, they turned soundtrack-writing duties over to Norwegian-born singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche. And why wouldn’t they? For all his jazz-informed skills on the guitar, Lerche’s greatest weapon is his flair for lightness and likeability.

Set List

  • “Heartbeat Radio”
  • “Good Luck”
  • “Easy to Persuade”

Known as a varsity-level banterer on stage, Lerche puts all those skills to good use in this charming Tiny Desk Concert in the NPR Music offices. Performing three songs from his new album Heartbeat Radio — and introducing the title track with the disclaimer, “It’s taking some issue with radio, but it’s not about you guys” — he conveys all the lilting sweetness his fans have come to expect

WXPN Concert

October 27, 2009 from WXPN – With jazzy chords, witty lyricism and hints of psychedelic folk, Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche‘s new album, Heartbeat Radio, sounds more adventurous than its predecessors. But it’s also heavily produced, which adds a lively sheen to Lerche’s sly acoustic pop.

Set List

  • “Like Lazenby”
  • “Good Luck”
  • “Heartbeat Radio”
  • “Words & Music”

Lerche grew up with the sounds of a-ha and Beach Boys records spinning in the background. His taste expanded from those foundations, and elements of psychedelia, folk and jazz made their way into his music. Lerche released his debut, Faces Down, in 2001, at which point his career took off: He won a Norwegian Grammy for best new artist, international acclaim and a world tour that included a show in Oslo with his childhood idols in a-ha.

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