ANNIELLE – With Love from Sweden


Annielle is a Swedish singer/song writer and guitarist. Since 2006 she has lived in Gothenburg, where she studies at the university and simultaneously develops her own unique music. The foundation of her music is pop influenced by jazz and country.

Annie Lundberg, i.e. Annielle’s real name, was born into a family of musicians in the small town Malmbäck, situated about 40 kilometers south of Jönköping in Småland county. When Annielle was as young as ten years old, she started writing her own songs. As a child she also started playing classical guitar.

As a teenager, Annielle started writing poetry as a way of dealing with the hardships of life. Her poetry gradually grew into new songs. “Creating both lyrics and music has always been fundamental and very important for me”, says Annielle. “The most vital thing is the emotion found in music.” She is hoping that the emotion in her own music will reflect what she wants to communicate with her lyrics. Her songs often depict everyday life situations, anything in between the topics of homelessness and love.

For a few years, Annielle was working as a model in Stockholm, Jönköping and Gothenburg for companies such as Lindex, Amelia, Husqvarna and ExtraFilm. She enjoyed working as a model, but her longing to work with making her own music grew too strong and in 2007 she started to work considerably more on her music production.

At 21, Annielle recorded her first demo of nine songs, which was well received by critics. As a result, Annielle decided to whole-heartedly try for a career in music. In 2007 she appeared on Swedish National Radio P4, which made it possible to start playing gigs in different clubs in Gothenburg as well as at summer music festivals. During 2008 and 2009, Annielle was performing in Gothenburg, Oslo, Jönköping and Uppsala.

This is a song performed by the swedish guitar player singer and songwriter Annielle and one of her eminent guitarplayers, Mikael Andersson.

This is a song performed by the swedish guitar player singer and songwriter Annielle and two of her musicians live in Skara, Sweden

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