Sufjan’s been off the radar for some time. It’s been four years since Illinoise was released, and one of my favorite all-time singer/songwriters simply just dropped off the face of the Earth. Was I surprised? Not in the least. Sufjan’s always shyed away from the spotlight, as proven by him dropping that 50 states/50 albums schtick as soon as it started getting a ton of press. But I just learned there’s news from the Sufjan camp on a new album, and there’s even a new live video of a new song called “There’s Too Much Love”. The newest album is a reworking of Sufjan’s album Enjoy Your Rabbit, called Run Rabbit Run, in which the string quartet Osso tackle many of the songs from that album and reinvent them into string pieces. I’ll admit to never having given Enjoy Your Rabbit many listens, as it was just too weird for me, but this might be an interesting album to say the least. Add to the string pieces Sufjan’s new film, entitled The BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway), and it’s accompanying soundtrack, and we’ve got ourselves a whole slew of new Sufjan related instrumental tracks. I’m still dying for a new Sufjan album, and when that’ll come out is beyond me, but a friend of the blog sent me this video of an apparently new song called “There’s Too Much Love”, and while it gets a bit weird towards the end, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Here’s all the new Sufjan info I’ve gathered as of late and let me know if I missed anything. (all things Sufjan after the jump!)  From:

~ by castleqwayr on September 25, 2009.

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