Bill Mallonee (VOL): Permafrost/”lower case” Update

Greetings, foks,


      In the fall of 2006 and in again in 2008, I released 2 albums, Permafrost and “lower case.” I felt they both were wonderfully realized and very “good rides.” Critical praise was strong but lacking a proper distributor and a press machine the records tended to “fall through cracks.” But now things are changing!



5 songs from Permafrost have just been posted at the WPA MySpace site to get you re-aquainted or introduce you for the first time! Click “here” (or on the pix) to listen.
History lesson: Permafrost was a full length rock-Americana album. It was full band, full bore. Careening between guitar-hooked, trippy pop songs (Collateral, Stay with Me, Tourniquet), heavy rockers (Thread Bare), and cosmic-acoustic love and loss poetics (Pristine, Rationale, Bank, Flowers), the materail from Permafrost was rarely performed “live.” (Recession blues forced us to work in the context of a 2 piece to simply survive.)
It was followed by the 3 song EP, “lower case,” in fall of 2008; Enlisting the talents of long time and friend/producer Tom Lewis (Roof of the Sky, Room Despair, Summershine), we tracked the Brit-chamber-pop influenced Sober Up, Sad Parade and String of Pearls. These full-band offerings were, as they say, quite a “tour de force.” Sadly, as I’ve said, without the resources to have them publicly profiled, they went largely un-noticed.
                Both CDs had been out of print…until now!
We are very pleased to announce that soon (about 10 days) we will once again have hard copy CD of the two albums, Permafrost and Lower Case! We have decided to combine them both into one CD. New art work will accompany the record. This will a first for Lower Case, since it was only an MP3 download previously. Now, it will be possible to hear high quality files of the 3 song EP.

  Again, If you want to get reaquainted with two of my favorite albums, drop by the WPA MySpace site. Thanks!


We are still seeking house/Church/and cafe shows for October and November folks…We could really use your help; 

If you find your heart stirred, give us a shout by e-mailing us at:; New reduced rates…and lots of good times to be had.


Peace, blessings, & good health to you and your loved ones!  

bill mallonee 


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