Justin Vernon: Covers by Bon Iver


Have you ever felt the urge, nay the necessity to find just the right music to go with a special meal?  And we are not talking chile dogs here.  You might also create a complete meal around a song.  Well the website Musical Pairings often dishes some tasty treats:


They dipped into their pantry and pulled out these single serving covers by Bon Iver.

This time no wine or dessert is recommended but you can’t go wrong with these nutritious tapas for the taste buds. 

Bon Iver – The Park (Feist Cover)
Bon Iver – Mercury (Kathleen Edwards Cover)
Bon Iver – I Believe In You (Talk Talk Cover)
Bon Iver – Lovins’ For Fools (Sarah Siskind Cover feat. The Bowerbirds)
Bon Iver – Every Grain of Sand (Bob Dylan Cover)

More Justin Vernon treats with a fresh garnish here:


~ by castleqwayr on August 20, 2009.

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