Alec Ounsworth: Clap Your Hands Say “LIVE!”


Alec Ounsworth- That is not my Home

A summation could be used in considering the lyrical work of Alec Ounsworth, both of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and his soon to be tried solo work, a man whose cryptic writing is entrusted with the same sorts of struggles and imperatives that come from unwanted fear and crippling degrees of curiosity/non-curiosity (because really, no one wants to see) to see how society will eventually tear everyone from their limbs and just what the aftermath could look like once the limbs are swept away for good. Ounsworth is known for that nasally dry and exploratory voice and for his former (?) band’s great success without ever having signed up to work with the machine – instead fulfilling orders for its debut full-length by packing and mailing all of the requests themselves. He’s known for his circuitous ideas and imagery-heavy thoughts, squealed out with fascinating, decorative cadences and mysterious drawling and near-mumbling that draw you in even more, forcing your intent until you’re hanging from every word and trying to inhale them. He gives his words such serrated edges, allowing them interesting mobility and access and power, as if they can trigger things that were unknown. 

Read the complete text and download the concert at:

~ by castleqwayr on August 17, 2009.

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