Deer Tick: Newport Fest Concert Download (Matchhead Mission)


Deer Tick: A rock, country, blues, grunge, and cosmic experience  

Deer Tick began in December of 2004 in the bedroom of Providence native, John McCauley. With a tape recorder and a nylon string guitar, he did what most anybody would do; he made tapes for his friends. Much has changed since then, but the attitude remains the same.  

When McCauley, then 18 years old, got his hands on Hank Williams Sr.’s “Gold” collection and locked himself in his room listening to it on repeat until he finished his bottle of brandy, it all became fairly obvious to him, he was on his first tour just a few months later.  

After years of being on the road, fully developing his distinct howl of a voice, and honing his guitar skills, McCauley had earned himself a following of devoted fans and supporters.  

Throughout all of this touring and selling his songs on CD-R, it became apparent that putting out a real album was the natural next step in McCauley’s musical life.  

War Elephant“, Deer Tick’s first album, was originally released in September of 2007. McCauley knew it was time to solidify Deer Tick and make it a real band, his vision from the start. A rotating cast of characters simply wouldn’t suffice anymore.  

In April of 2007, just weeks before a national tour, McCauley turned to Dennis Ryan, a bright young drummer who had just decided to cut his career at college about 3 years short. The two had played together before and their energy while performing was something unmatched for the both of them. It took no convincing Dennis at all that this was a good idea. He said “yes” before McCauley even finished asking him.  

Dennis Ryan grew up in neighboring Pawtucket, Rhode Island. His dream had always been to become a famous, and perhaps more importantly, badass drummer. His epiphany occurred at the curious age of 3, while watching Ronnie Tutt play the drums with Elvis Presley in a rerun of the “Aloha From Hawaii” special.  

After the national tour it was time for Deer Tick to find a bassist. McCauley had tried to convince Chris Ryan, a bass player in town, to join Deer Tick for quite some time. The two had known each other since high school and had performed together before. Until now, Chris had been busy finishing up his degree in music at Providence College. Chris graduated while Deer Tick had been on the road.  

That August, Chris Ryan returned from a trip driving his VW Van from Providence to Costa Rica and back (though he only made it as far as Guatemala and back). Chris came speeding down Empire Street in downtown Providence, where McCauley was sitting at a table outside enjoying a beer. A swarm of people surrounded the van welcoming Chris and his traveling companions home. Before you knew it McCauley was asking the road weary traveler to join Deer Tick again.  

Deer Tick Newport 2009

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