ZEE AVI (sXsW Session)

From Daytrotter:

Zee Avi is just a wee young woman, but she doesn’t sound the part when she’s singing her lovesick songs of neglected feelings and soured spouses. She comes across as a woman who’s been married and divorced enough times to know better and enough times to speak about the pratfalls of the operation with certainty, yes, but also hopeful absentmindedness, as if the next relationship was just the one that she’s been searching for all this time. The rest were just rehearsals, dry runs for the coupling that holds the best chance of standing the test of time – and now it’s completely obvious, staring her directly in the face. These aren’t the 23-year-old’s loves being chronicled like some young tart with a guitar and a jealous streak. These aren’t the songs imagined up by a youngster hoping to be a princess looking for that Romeo or Prince Charming. These are songs that detail relationships that have chips knocked out of them, scraps across their skin and scuff marks all over. They are songs that are toned to a delightfully deceptive honey brown – the words that instincts will have you call out, bellied up to the bar more times than not because of their feel on the tongue and the way they tease and test the most discerning of senses – but they are not innocent and cute. They are beautiful in the way that sadness can be, when it’s just so disastrous that it’s commonplace.

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Bitter Heart

Honey Bee

~ by castleqwayr on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “ZEE AVI (sXsW Session)”

  1. bitter heart!!luv it to d bits!

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