Gets The Girl – Just Pretend/Where We Land (Free Albums)

Download both Gets the Girl albums here!

The music of Gets the Girl always begins with a girl. In songs inspired by the transient passions of youth, guitarist/vocalist Allen Tate and pianist/producer Ellis Ludwig-Leone break their own molds, revealing themselves while rendering the lost or gotten girl unrecognizable. These are love songs, no doubt, for dancing and for kissing, but they also reveal a softer side: sad memories, closed-eye wishes, the touch of hands in the dark. Allen and Ellis lead the listener to the places where closure is less than complete, where words are more searching than smooth, and vulnerability is more telling than sexy. The two young musicians met in 2006 at a songwriting clinic hosted by the Berklee College of Music. Allen, a freshman at NYU, sings and plays guitar; Ellis, a sophomore at Yale, plays piano, produces, and arranges the songs. The duo’s latest release, the Just Pretend EP, expands on their first album, Where We Land, in multiple directions, offering hand-clappers and headphone tracks that make clear how Allen has grown as a songwriter and Ellis as a producer and songwriter. The subject matter is the same (“I never change,” sings Allen on “Talk Me Down”), but the sound is bigger, the songs more focused. Though it may seem like Just Pretend is closing the books on the girls in their lives, the duo have left the windows wide open for the future.

~ by castleqwayr on July 22, 2009.

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