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The new record from Gospel Gossip was recorded right after their 2008 national tour by Neil Weir at Pachyderm (Cannon Falls, MN) and Old Blackberry Way (Minneapolis, MN), Dreamland is a 6-song album highlighting the band’s progression into different soundscapes and writing styles. Limited to a run of 500 copies pressed on white vinyl in hand-printed sleeves and inserts, Dreamland is as much a piece of art as it is an album. CD’s will be included with each vinyl and for sale with a limited stock.

Gospel Gossip – Sippy Cup (live on The Local Show)

We’ll be embarking on an East Coast tour this August and a West Coast tour in late September. Dates are still rolling in and can be found on our Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gospelgossip.



Gospel Gossip

Gospel Gossip at Voltage Fashion Amplified

From www.culturebully.com

Gospel Gossip have taken a great step forward with the band’s Dreamland EP, the follow-up to their excellent debut album, Sing Into My Mouth. The disc further explores the fuzz pop sounds they worked with on their debut and finds the band stretching out musically on this highly rewarding disc.

The 24 minute record starts out with the previously released single “Nashville,” a great song which helped garner the band some strong attention from a variety of outlets when they initially released it a few months back. From the opening moments of Dreamland’s snarling feedback, you can’t help but be impressed with the powerful sound the three piece band is producing. One thing that may have helped to increase the band’s confidence, along with playing scores of shows and really sharpening their songwriting, is the excellent production on the disc. Where Sing into My Mouth was more aesthetically rough around the edges, Dreamland has a smooth sound that allows for the three instruments to meld into a fuzzy haze.   (Read More Here: http://www.culturebully.com/gospel-gossip-dreamland-ep-review)

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