Do Make Say Think – Concert: May 22, 2007


A Tender History of Rust

Do Make Say Think
May 22nd, 2007
La Maroquinerie, Paris, FR

Taped / Transformated / Uploaded by avalelejelelava


Disc 1:
01. (intro) 00’37”
02. Outer Inner & Secret + Auberge le Mouton Noir 19’10”
03. Reitschule 10’07”
04. Herstory of Glory 05’20”
05. Executionner Blues 08’29”
06. Fredericia + The Landlord is Dead 15’10”
07. A With Living 10’12”
08. Horns of a Rabbit + The Universe ! 08’53”

Disc 2:
01. (intro) 00’39”
02. A Tender HIstory In Rust 03’42”
03. Ontario Plates + In Mind 12’35”

Band, from left to right and front to back :

Jason Baird – sax, keys
Brian Cram – trumpet
Ohad Benchetrit – guitar, sax, bass
Charles Spearin – bass, trumpet
Julie Penner – violin, voice on “a with living”
Justin Small – guitar, keys, bass
James Payment – drums
David Mitchell – drums

They all sang and yelled for “a with living” and “in mind”.

Audience > Mic sony ECM 719 > Sony HiMD MZ-NRH10 (PCM mode : 44,1khz, 16bit)

HiMD > USB > SonicStage 3 > Nuendo 3 > Editing (slight EQ)
> Wave export (44,1khz, 16bit) > Flac (level 8)

Mic position:
The mic was on me, I was standing in the crowd, in the middle of the room,
about 10 meters from the stage. As I was standing on stairs, the sound
was coming directly to me, the crowd didn’t “shade” it at all.

A great show, with people happy do be here (band & audience). To bad I only
have 1 minidisc, so the second rappel (“bound to be that way”) is missing.
Anyway, it was an amazing show, and the sound quality is very very good !

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