Apteka – Tour EP

07 Blackout Hearts – Apteka

Just received this and am really liking it.  Its got grit and grime and a cool jamming sound that carries you along like a riptide to the center of  the earth!

This band is one to watch and see them if they are in your neck o’ da woods.


LIVE DATES June 1, 2009 Ft. Collins, CO @ Surfside 7 10pm

June 3, 2009 San Francisco, CA @ Harlot w/ Band of Skulls

June 4, 2009 Hollywood, CA @ Three Clubs w/ Band of Skulls

June 4, 2009 Los Angeles, CA @ Silver Factory Studios

~ by castleqwayr on May 30, 2009.

One Response to “Apteka – Tour EP”

  1. Hiya, i work with the Band Of Skulls lot and would love to hear some feedback from fans about what they think about the single.
    Also click here on friday to listen to Band Of Skulls performing an audio session on KCRW radio – http://bit.ly/Icp15
    They are also due for a myspace video exclusive very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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